Zimbabwe Focus Of Rotary Meeting

FULTON – At a recent Fulton Sunrise Rotary meeting, Rotarian Linda Rossiter, right, introduced Blessed Sikhosana from the Syracuse Sunrise Rotary Club.

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Linda Rossiter, right, and Blessed Sikhosana

Now a U.S. citizen, Blessed was born in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Blessed did a PowerPoint presentation and talked about her journey to the United States, including her education at SU and the foundation she started to help give girls in Africa an educational opportunity.

Not only involved in her foundation, she, with her Rotary Club, has been instrumental in an international project which provided for the drilling of new wells to provide clean water in four villages located in Zimbabwe.

The club is currently doing some fund development toward the goal of helping to provide a better irrigation system in Zimbabwe.

The Fulton Sunrise Rotary meets every Friday at 7 a.m. at Mimi’s in Fulton.