Zone Change Request Returns To Oswego Council

OSWEGO, NY – A request for a zone change in the Second Ward is likely headed to a public hearing.

At its meeting Tuesday night, the Planning and Development Committee debated a request for the City Clerk’s Office to schedule, advertise and hold a public hearing on the proposed zone change in the Second Ward from an R-3 Residential District to a B-1 Neighborhood Business District regarding a petition submitted by Steven Thomas.

The property involved is 134 E. 13th St. (southerly portion) and 140 E. 13th St.

The request has received a favorable recommendation from the Planning Board.

On Jan. 27 of last year, Thomas submitted a petition to re-zone both of the parcels in their entirety. The petition was acted on favorably by the Planning Board in March.

However, when it reached the Common Council, it was determined that there was some opposition by local neighbors.

Because of that, the petition was withdrawn.

After meeting with the neighbors, Thomas has decided to re-petition the council by reducing the size of the land of the land that he requests to be re-zoned.

He is now asking that all of one parcel and only the most southerly portion of the other (which coincides with the northerly street line of East Bridge Street, which is currently not open) be re-zoned.

All of the property north of the aforementioned line would remain zoned R-3.

“I do have a couple of residents that don’t favor it,” said Mike Myers (R-Second Ward) committee chair. “I think it’s creating a place for business and giving the city of Oswego opportunity to bring something.”

“I’ll make a motion to move it to a public hearing to hear what the residents have to say,” said committee member Bill Sharkey (R-Sixth Ward).

The full council will consider the motion on Jan. 25.