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May 26, 2018


Letters to the Editor

Voter Suppression

Yes voters, we have voter suppression in Fulton on the east side of the river. We all have an idea what voter suppression is, but what you may not know is to what lengths groups well go to suppress your ability to vote. The most recent way is by reducing the number of polling sites; the next is to constantly move the polling sites.

National Health Rankings Are a Roadmap to Better Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin recently publicized the 2018 national annual county health rankings. The rankings provide a valuable tool for mapping the way to better health, as the publication is officially titled “County Health Rankings and the Roadmaps.” Many factors contribute to community health, including access to healthy foods, the average length of commute, exercise facilities, education, environment, health insurance, housing, jobs, medical care and more.

State of the County Without Blinders!

Chairman Broadwell gave a nice book report on the county. He gave us all the information obtainable by reading the County 2018 Budget and by reading our hometown media. Skirting around the issues is truly political. Praising department heads and telling taxpayers how fortunate they are. These are all political ploys to make the unfortunate taxpayer accept the way things are.

Changing Site of State of County – Disrespectful!

Going back at least 20 years (maybe even as many as 200+ years) there has never been a State of the County Address given outside the Chambers of the Legislature. It is past protocol and historical which should mean something. Chairman Shane Broadwell has decided to scrap past protocol and history and move the State of the County Address to Oswego County CiTi in Mexico on Wednesday May 2.

A Message from the Oswego Public Library

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Oswego Public Library, this message is to clarify some of the confusion and misunderstanding about the relationship between the Oswego Public Library (known as the “Oswego School District Public Library”) and the Enlarged City School District of Oswego.

Support Sought For Oswego Public Library

The Friends of the Oswego Library respectfully asks the citizens of the Oswego City School District to support the Oswego S.D. Public Library by visiting their polling locations on Tuesday May 15, and voting yes for the library budget.

Taxpayers Vs Special Interest Groups

No surprise here as who you should put your money on. That’s right double down on Special Interest Groups. This was proven on Thursday April 12, at the monthly Oswego County Legislative meeting. A resolution asking for the use of ATVs on County Route 26 in Parish was presented for approval. First up was a public hearing on the resolution.

It’s About Basics!

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, in the Oswego County Legislative Chambers, the Oswego County Legislative body passed resolution # 4. The significance of this resolution is that it approved the hiring of a firm from Saratoga Springs to come to Oswego County and train up to 50 county employees a course called “Basics of Grant Writing.”

Witness Sought To Accident

I am helping a disabled young man who was injured in a pedestrian/vehicle accident November 19 around 7:30 p.m. at the intersection of East Bridge and East First streets in Oswego, NY. With bills for ambulance, hospital etc., mounting the pedestrian is in need of witnesses to come forward to verify what happened.

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