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July 19, 2018


Letters to the Editor

Residents Are Reminded to Diligently Check for Ticks after Being Outside

In Oswego County, we have seen increased cases of Lyme disease in the past several years. As summer is here and schools are on vacation, people, especially children, will be involved in more outdoor activities. I would like to remind residents to diligently practice tick checks for preventing Lyme disease from ticks. Lyme disease is a bacterial disease transmitted through the saliva of an infected deer tick.

What’s Up With That!

A new Fund Balance Policy has been put into place at the county level; a policy that will control millions of taxpayer dollars. It will control the trigger points of a high and a low point for the county fund balance. Now you as a taxpayer would think that something with that high a priority would have to have the approval of the full Legislative body and that it would be drafted by a bipartisan coalition of equal number of party members.

Thanks For Supporting The River’s Edge Craft Show

On behalf of the Oswego Lions Club and the River’s Edge Craft Show Committee, we would like to thank all of the vendors and those people that came out to support our club by attending the craft show on June 10.

Realism in Oswego County!

Treasurer Gardner says that “County finances are ‘stable.’ Chairman of County Legislature Broadwell speaks of “collaboration, bipartisanship, mandated vs non-mandated costs, $713 in taxes” Head of the IDA and OOC speaks of PILOT agreements, jobs, jobs. Now take a realistic look at the county without rose (Republican) colored glasses on.

P.I.L.O.T. (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) Agreements

What do you the taxpayer get, and how much do you lose, and who controls who gets a P.I.L.O.T. agreement? The taxpayer gets another business that will not have to pay the full tax bill. This is okay because the business will add jobs to the area. How many jobs is the big question and how much will they make an hour is the other big question.

Thom Benedetto for Family Court Judge

As a former foster parent of 20 years, I have been involved with the Family Court system though working with foster children placed in my home by the Oswego County Department of Social Services.

Voter Suppression

Yes voters, we have voter suppression in Fulton on the east side of the river. We all have an idea what voter suppression is, but what you may not know is to what lengths groups well go to suppress your ability to vote. The most recent way is by reducing the number of polling sites; the next is to constantly move the polling sites.

National Health Rankings Are a Roadmap to Better Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin recently publicized the 2018 national annual county health rankings. The rankings provide a valuable tool for mapping the way to better health, as the publication is officially titled “County Health Rankings and the Roadmaps.” Many factors contribute to community health, including access to healthy foods, the average length of commute, exercise facilities, education, environment, health insurance, housing, jobs, medical care and more.

State of the County Without Blinders!

Chairman Broadwell gave a nice book report on the county. He gave us all the information obtainable by reading the County 2018 Budget and by reading our hometown media. Skirting around the issues is truly political. Praising department heads and telling taxpayers how fortunate they are. These are all political ploys to make the unfortunate taxpayer accept the way things are.

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