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September 19, 2018


Lead Story

Emotions Run High As Neighborhood Battles Against House “Unfit for Occupancy”

An entire first ward neighborhood took a stand at Tuesday’s (Sept 18) regular meeting of the Fulton Common Council. One by one, neighbors of West Second Street South in Fulton addressed their pressing concerns with one troublesome house in their area. They detailed the drastic loss of quality of life in their neighborhood, all alleged to stem from one property: an owner-occupied multi-family unit that has been without water and power for months.

September 8's run highlighted Parents of Special Children. Leroy Collins is joined by Theresa Familo, director, and reps from Life Matters and POSC. Some friends heard about the runs and wanted to participate, Collins said. "They loved to run for that cause. I think there’s about 30 people that contacted me that heard about it and want to run in Mexico," he added.

Fulton Man Runs For Life – 5K At A Time

For Leroy Collins, life matters. And recently, he’s been running all over to drive home that message. “I started running 5Ks to bring awareness to the not-for-profit organization in different cities that do great work, but have limited resources,” he said. His efforts help bring attention to organizations that help fight homelessness, hunger, abuse and those that support education, cancer research, ALS research and others.