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  • Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia in the heart of the South American continent. The little-visited, little-known country is too often passed over by travelers who wrongly assume that a lack of mega-attractions means there’s nothing to see. However, it’s ideal for those keen to get off the gringo trail for a truly authentic South American experience. […]

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          Oswego Cinema 7     12/6/2019 – 12/6/2019   21 BRIDGES   R   10:30P     A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE   PG     11:30A   2:00P   4:30P   7:00P   [...]
  • The Lorelei (there are several variations of the spelling) is a famous German myth. It was popularized by Heinrich Heine in his poem, “Legend of the Loreley;” a story about a lovesick maiden who lured unwary sailors to dangerous currents and reefs with her bewitching song sung from high atop the cliff. The stretch spelled disaster for many a sailor who piloted this treacherous stretch of the river. […]