Merlino Is Seeking Re-Election

FULTON – Dennis Merlino is seeking re-election as city of Fulton Fifth Ward Councilor.

Merlino, with experience in planning, budgeting and community outreach, is looking forward to continuing his work for the recovery and growth of Fulton.

“Fulton is experiencing an upsurge in business growth. I am proud to help make Fulton attractive to new businesses and equally proud to support existing businesses” said Merlino.

“Fulton is also showing recovery in our neighborhoods. This positive recovery is starting to show improvements in the appearance of properties, and more importantly, improvements in the spirit, character, and attitude within our neighborhoods. Positive neighborhoods make Fulton a highly desirable place to live and invest,” Merlino added.

“I hope to continue this positive recovery and growth in Fulton. With responsible planning and budgeting we can continue our recovery, and start to do much needed work on the roads and infrastructure of Fulton. After many years of neglect, our roads and water and sewer infrastructure must be made a priority. And we must provide these improvements without putting unreasonable burdens on the taxpayers,” Merlino said.

“We have made tremendous gains in Fulton in the past year. I am looking forward to continuing this Recovery and Growth of our community by continuing as your city councilor in Fulton’s Fifth Ward. Together, we can make Fulton even more desirable and prosperous for residents and businesses,” he said.


  1. Never again…. Remember the photo of the old holley motel???. Vote for me and I will get rid the this eye sore!!! It’s still standing… Just another campaign speech . Time for new blood,starting with the mayor on down.

  2. May i ask what recovery there is in the 5th ward it looks worse then it ever has. Or for that matter the city. You can be on every committee there is but if your not doing your job what does it matter. Put forth effort where needed not putting your face in the paper. Go talk to your constituents

  3. 5th ward still looks like dump! Rampant code violations, parking issues, destruction of right-of-ways and greenspace, unplated cars in driveways, sheets on windows and on and on…Don’t bother calling him for help either…he either doesnt answer or if he does, turns his head. Not my representative. Im still waiting for a call back for a resolution on an issue I brought to him and since he didn’t follow up or follow through, I went to the Mayor’s office. Have yet to hear back from him either! We need new city government top to bottom. Block builders? C’mon, take adrive down S Forth between academy and Oneida and tell me people have a renewed sense of pride and commitment. It looks horrendous. I can feel the value of my property decreasing around me as my taxes remain ridiculous! NOT MY VOTE. Anyone but. It’s time for more action and enforcement and a lot less talking. Start truly hearing your residents. CLEAN IT UP FULTON!

  4. We’re having a Ward Meeting on Thursday April 4, 6:00pm in the Community Room, Fulton Municipal Building, 141 S 1st Street. I’m looking forward to seeing you there to discuss the progress we are making in Fulton and the problems we are facing in Fulton.

  5. Great! Gives you 13 days to walk your Ward day and night to see and experience firsthand what everyone seems to see except yourself. Perhaps speak to concerned residents and give their issues credibility. Simply because an issue doesnt impact you personally, doesn’t make it a non-issue Mr. Merlino. Revitalization of Fulton is a grass roots effort from the street and not from an office or a board room or a meeting. “it takes a village to raise a child.” Rules, standards, accountability, responsibility and ENFORCEMENT. Don’t ignore resident issues or be dismissive when concerns are brought to your attention. Unfortunately sometimes an example has to be made even if it’s uncomfortable or unfavorable.

  6. Can’t make it. That’s why I’m speaking here. What’s your answer On your campaign promise about the old holley motel. Just more talk,no actions.

  7. I think you should attend the Fulton 5th Ward Meeting on Thursday April 4, 6:00pm in the Community Room, Fulton Municipal Building, 141 S 1st Street. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much is going on in Fulton to improve our City, and the actions that are being taken to resolve the problems. I’d love to hear your comments and deal with your complaints at the meeting.

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