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September 20, 2018

Academic Excellence Celebrated At Fairgrieve

Fairgrieve Elementary School is home to dozens of academic all-stars.

Principal Jean Sampsell recently announced that more than 100 students in grades kindergarten through six received academic excellence honors for the second marking period.

Honorees include kindergarteners: Peyton Engel, Michael Noel, Darren Rockwell, Alina Smale, Aviana VanSanford, Jameson Hutchinson, Lynnae LaPage, Maximus Martiny, Brooklynne Reed, MacKenzie Orton, Corbin Burns, Richard Pillans II, Arianna Richardson Heaney, Jersey Ryder, Brianna Wines, Mason Shatraw, Cohan Humphrey, Max McGinley, Logan Race, Christina Walker, Lilyana Loftus and Aiden Benton.

First grade award winners are: Tristan Caruso, Carson Horning, Taryn Murphy, Hailey Niver, Elizabeth Woods, Tawnee Burns, Kyran Fitzgerald, Andie Kerr, Ruthie Niver, Lauren Thornber, Matthew Tice, Aizlyn Adkins, Drake Bennett, Parker Killmeyer, Jordynn Miller, Lillianna Noel, Jaleel Barnwell, Natalie David, Charlotte Pero, Nathan Smith and Kenadie Hart.

Honorees in second grade include: Logran Greco, Sophia Hanlon, Alyssa Hatter, Braelyn Horning, Kayla Pero, Dahni Perry, Ayden Spaulding, Javante Ramacus, Emily Ilacqua, Piper Litchison, William Mann, Alivia Ruscitto, Graciela Vasquez, Kelci Watkins, Kara Barrett, Nathan Blake, Grace Vogel and Brayden Wise.

Third graders who received the same honors are: Ayden Cusic, Olivia Nesbitt, Domenic Stevens, Olivia Skilinskis, Zoe Bechtel, Andrew Gibson, Kiernan Percival, Benjamin Renfrew, Katharine Demars, Jared Gardenier, Tyler Goodman and Penelope Taylor.

Awardees in fourth grade include: Jayceon Barber, Adelaide McEachen, Natalie Guile, Matthew Clark, Kenadie Shatraw, Mya Carroll, Steven Master Jr., Trista Sullivan, Jayce Womick, Trevor Chappell, Liam Crandall, Niyah Humphrey, AnnaRose O’Dett and Dawson Reed.

Academic excellence recognition was also give to the following fifth graders: Ciara Dillingham, Dawson Krause, Abigail Miner, Dominick Reidell, Rosalind Taylor, Olivia Frataccia, Alexa Halstead, Grace Hutton, Zoey Kerr, McKenna Lawson, Brady Niver, Carleigh Patterson, Maddison Blake, Reese Niver, Riley Niver, Gabbriella Runge, Rylee Spencer and Cameren Fragale.

Sixth grade honorees are: Olivia Blakeman, Izabelle Bogardus, Ryan Carroll, Sabrina Carvery, Trae Mitchell, Haley Sellin, Ethan Weaver, Vera Butchko, Emily Dalton, Kayla McCraith, William Patterson V, Dykel Ruscitto, Cayden Alfano, Aidan Collins-Wheeler, Alexis Durval, Emily Gage, Faithe-Ann Hall and Adon Heaney.

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