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September 22, 2018

AmeriCorps Walk Planned In Pulaski

PULASKI, NY – Following a successful sneaker and sock drive, AmeriCorps members in Pulaski have decided to do an end of the year walk where all of the donations will be brought together and given to those in need.

Walk like an Egyptian while we dig through Egypt.

Walk like an Egyptian while we dig through Egypt.

“On Wednesday evening, August 28, at 6:30 p.m., we are going to celebrate the end of the summer at the John Ben Snow Community Center and John S. Haldane Memorial Arena where we will walk and clean up the trail and show off what our feet can do,” explained AmeriCorps member Stacey Petersen. ” At this time, we will bring all of the sneaker and sock donations together and be proud of how we gave back to the Pre-K to 12th grade children of the Pulaski community!”

At the Pulaski Public Library, AmeriCorps members teamed up with the group “Heaven’s Hands” and together “we are happy to bring you the opportunity to select shoes for this coming 2013-14 school year,” she added.

Growling like Trolls while we dig into trouble.

Growling like Trolls while we dig into trouble.

Parents can call Sherry LaFlamme at 298-7917 or Laurie Bulluck at 298-5232 to find a great pair for their children, she added.

“Even though the summer is over and we worked hard to collect donations for this coming school year, this great sneaker and sock donation will take place all throughout the school year even after the 2013 Summer Reading Program is over,” Petersen said.

“Come join us August 28 and we’ll get our feet moving and clean up the beautiful trail so that our sneakers can have some fun together,” she continued. “Many thanks go out to every single person involved. I know we are ready for school to begin and our feet can’t wait!”

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