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September 25, 2018

Amy Tresidder Emphasizes Teamwork at ‘Meet the Candidates’

OSWEGO – Oswego mayoral candidate running on the Democratic ticket, Amy Tresidder, met with a group of local business owners Wednesday (September 23) at the second participant in the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce three-part event, ‘Meet the Candidates.’

Michele Southgate poses a question to Amy Tresidder, right, on Wednesday. Listening in the background is Greg Mills, executive director of the chamber.

Michele Southgate poses a question to Amy Tresidder, right, on Wednesday. Listening in the background is Greg Mills, executive director of the chamber.

Tresidder, a sitting Oswego County legislator (representing part of the city), has lived in Oswego for more than 30 years and raised five children there as well.

This long, personal involvement with the city helps Tresidder express her feelings of pride for Oswego, which she emphasized was essential for her campaign and role as mayor if she were to win.

“One thing I loved about Oswego when I moved here: I could do everything here. If my kids needed shoes, or clothes, or I wanted a new dress, I could just go downtown and do it all,” said Tresidder.

And it is this kind of environment that Tresidder feels will help the city attract outside businesses, tourists and new families to move to Oswego.

“The best way to get business here, is to make this a place people want to come to,” added Tresidder.

The group pushed for answers, questioning how Tresidder planned to make Oswego a place people would like to come to and eventually settle down.

Tresidder had a multitude of answers, all boiling down to the idea of a more cohesive approach to teamwork and leadership.

“We are truly lucky to be where we are, and sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Like the graffiti, it’s unacceptable. It needs to be taken care of. We can not settle for less than we deserve. We need to keep our downtown clean and treat our city with respect. If we do this, people will follow,” said Tresidder.

Tresidder also mentioned a number of programs, systems and businesses such as CiTi, Cayuga Community College, SUNY Oswego, Fort Ontario and many others that she believes will help put Oswego on the map as a tourist destination.

“If we can work together with these people and build relationships, we can draw in more people. Two things people want when they move to a new place, excellent schools and healthcare. We have both of those things here, we just need to work together with them to improve the city,” said Tresidder.

Together with her leadership approach emphasizing teamwork and the existing relationships that Tresidder has built while working as county legislator, she has plans of actively overseeing all areas of the job to ensure improvements for the city.

To run efficiently, government needs to look at its budget “constantly, you have to aware of everything that’s going on,” she said. “You have got to be involved to the point where you know what’s going on but you’re not mired in the details.”

“The mayor can’t fix a pothole or inspect a home, but they can oversee these things are being done, and in a timely manner,” explained Tresidder.

However, Tresidder is a firm believer that input and action should come from multiple other areas of the community as well.

After recognizing the city’s success based on city business and sales tax revenue, Tresidder brought forth the idea of a participatory government in which citizens and business owners alike would sit together to address problems and form solutions.

“It’s all about a team attitude,” said Tresidder. “We are in this together.”

The last ‘Meet the Candidates’ participant will be Republican candidate, Billy Barlow, addressing a similar group on September 30.

For more information or to register for the final speaker at the chamber’s ‘Meet the Candidates,’ visit their website.

One Response “Amy Tresidder Emphasizes Teamwork at ‘Meet the Candidates’”

  1. September 24, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    I have also lived in Oswego for a very long time. I chose Oswego in 1973 as my home, and I have not regretted the quality of life we enjoy. I’m from one of the worst sections of Syracuse which makes me aware of a level safety and neighborly kindness in a city like Oswego.

    I’d like to see downtown restored to the level it was when I first came to Oswego with shoes/clothing shops returning, but I am not sure that will ever happen. THANK goodness then for Midnight Sun (which has both), and the eateries that cater to more than fast food.

    It’s our neighborhoods that need improvement. Many visitors only see Bridge Street, and the First Ward (where tourists sail or walk). With not much industry in the region, we have to come to terms with what we are willing to do for tourism.

    So the SLOWWWWWWWWWWWW progress in building hotels and retail recently (Cahills and Brenneman for example), maybe we won’t see development in the lifetimes of the current residents who DO remember a different Oswego … so sad. Can’t City Hall speed up the development on these sites? Do we need to question every dotted i and crossed t?

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