An Evening Honoring Child Care Providers

Provider Appreciation Day
Provider Appreciation Day

OSWEGO, NY – Each year, the Friday before Mother’s Day is designated as Provider Appreciation Day, which is a day to honor child care providers, teachers, and staff, who play such a critical role in the early care and learning for young children.

Child care organizations across the nation hosted celebrations to recognize providers for their efforts to nurture and support the development and education of young children.

On May 5, Integrated Community Planning of Oswego County held a recognition event for registered and licensed providers and programs to celebrate the hard work they have done over the past year and the special role they play in so many children’s lives across Oswego County.

Providers were individually acknowledged for their number of years of providing regulated care in our communities, and their commitment to the importance of quality.

“By recognizing the dedication of Oswego County Child Care Providers, we remind our community that quality care for children during their critical first five years of brain development will help ensure future success,” said Christina Wilson, executive director of ICP.

The Child Care & Development Council of Oswego County, a division of ICP, registers and inspects child care programs, as well as offers training and technical assistance to help providers achieve and offer high quality care.

For more information about quality early childcare and learning, assistance finding child care services, or to start a child care business in your home, you may contact the Child Care & Development Council of Oswego County at 343-2344 or visit at