An open letter to the citizens of Oswego Regarding In-Nova

The In-Nova.1 business plan Joe Pilotta first presented to Oswego Common Council more than 12 months ago is grounded in what other Oswego natives already know.

It is a city with a distinct place in New York State history and outstanding natural beauty and resources.

What its population has been seeking is a well-reasoned plan that can jumpstart Oswego to become and continue as a thriving community with job growth and community vitality.

Inviting the Dutch architectural company, Waterstudio, to design a Lake Ontario inspired facility is in itself an attraction for visitors and citizens.

It is a 21st century addition to Oswego’s shoreline, to be tethered to the lake bottom yet accessible by foot and stable in even the highest winds.

Being environmentally green in construction and operation the In-Nova.1 facility mirrors the primary business of housing tenant enterprises bringing to market new water, energy and wellness products and services.

Talented but new entrepreneurs often lack experience or skills in business management, investment sourcing, marketing and promotion.

In-Nova.1 is an advanced-stage business incubator; called advanced because it is primarily a program to give new product creators a place to learn the next critical business steps for selling their product.

The In-Nova.1 plan includes features to surround the core of new businesses.

These features are meant to both entertain and a means to keep the entire project financially sound.

Space for citizens and visitors to enjoy theatre, restaurants, children’s educational activities, an aquarium, winter and water sports, including a marina provides In-Nova.1 a financial base.

In-Nova.1 offers job creation in operations, entertainment, management and, critically, professional product and service business roles.

It is a win-win proposal for Oswego and its future.

Judy Pilotta