APW Elementary Students Participate in Rebel Ready Rally

PARISH – Students’ good behavior was awarded recently at the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown Elementary School, as students who had been respectful, responsive and safe were rewarded with some fun activities.

APW Elementary School students participate in STEM challenges during their recent “Ready Rebel Rally.”

Those three traits are called being “Rebel Ready” in the APW Elementary School and students who have consistently shown those characteristics were given options on how they wanted to spend the end of their school day.

Students could be part of dance party in the gymnasium, make crafts in the cafeteria or participate in STEM challenges in the band room.

“Students should be recognized for the good work they’ve been doing,” said Assistant Principal Dawn Cooley.

As a bonus, the high school pep band played for the students in the hallway as they either went back to class or into their activity.

Cooley said it was nice to see the reaction on the students’ faces, while also seeing all the interaction between younger and older students.