APW School Transportation News: Winter Safety Reminders

Approximately 1,400 students on 22 buses daily, covering more than 180 square miles. Safety is a top priority and a group effort and the department is asking for your assistance in helping to ensure the safety of each and every student.

Please keep the following safety tips in mind this winter season:

• Book bags or backpacks reduce the chance that a child will drop an item near the bus.
• Dress appropriately for the cold and wintery weather. Coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc. are essential this time of year. (Dangling drawstrings, straps or mitten strings could present a danger.)
• Discuss loading and unloading safety procedures at home. Having a child wait for the bus in the same spot daily is essential regarding a safe pickup.
• Student behavior problems could distract a bus driver and result in a tragedy, especially during inclement weather. Please reinforce the importance of safe and responsible bus passenger behavior such as staying in seat, keeping the bus aisle clear, and talking quietly.
• Eating is not allowed on the bus. Food items are not permitted for cleanliness, to avoid choking hazards, and to respect the possibility of food allergies of other students. Food items must be inside a sealed lunch box or backpack.
• Keep an outside light on. During the winter months it is often dark outside when students are arriving home. An outside light allows a child to see on their way to the door and also allows a bus driver to see that the child reaches his/her destination safely.

For more information contact the APW Transportation Department Office at (315) 625-5241.