Are You Prepared to Stay In Business?

Oswego County Farm Bureau invites its members and any interested business owners to its  January Coffeecake Meeting.

Today’s business owners are challenged to keep up with the rigors of daily business.

When faced with an emergency it requires considerable resources to get back to business as usual.

If a disaster occurred at your business, could you to handle it?

Using business continuity principles, you can look at the risks that may impact your business and develop strategies to mitigate threats to your business and develop a response plan before a disaster happens.

At Oswego County Farm Bureau’s January Coffeecake meeting on January 12 at 2 p.m., Vic Ladd-de Graff, certified business continuity professional and farmwife, will discuss how you can keep your business viable and prepared to stay in business when faced with serious disruptions.

The meeting, set at the Oswego County Federal Credit Union on Route 3 North, Mexico, is the first of this winter’s Coffeecake Meetings.