ARISE Light Up The Night Run/Walk Planned

ARISE is pleased to announce a new event for Oswego County. This fall we will be hosting our first annual “Light up the Night” run.

The run will start at dusk and runners-walkers are encouraged to use their wildest imagination to light themselves up – use of glow sticks and lights is strongly encouraged!

We look forward to seeing others that may come in costumes. Will you be a gorilla, a tiger, clown, or zombie? Parents dress up the kids to go with your theme. Light up the strollers, bring your best, and most of all, bring your dancing shoes.

We will run-walk the course, stop and dance to party music, then run-walk some more and dance again.

Details are coming soon so, start planning now. Think outside of the box, do your best, and help us “Light up the Night.”

ARISE is a non-profit Independent Living Center run by and for people with disabilities.

The organization has been providing advocacy and services since 1979, and each year ARISE works with approximately 4,000 people of all ages who have all types of disabilities.