Artist Earns Excelsior Award

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – Assemblyman Will Barclay presented Dennis Pullen with the Assembly “Excelsior Award for Excellence” recently in the Assembly Parlor.

The award is given to those who have successfully faced physical and other personal challenges in honor of their extraordinary achievements and dedication to their communities.

Assemblyman Will Barclay presents the Excelsior Award to Dennis Pullen, an Oswego resident. The award is given to those who have facedThough unable to use his arms or legs since he was 7, Dennis has become an accomplished painter.

Using his mouth to hold a brush and through the help of an aide, Dennis paints detailed landscapes and animals.

Dennis’ work was recently featured at the Delevan Art Gallery in Syracuse.

Dennis, 27, was also recently awarded the 2008 Burton Blatt Institute Arts Leadership Prize.

The institute presents the award to individuals whose work promotes or exemplifies the value of inclusiveness within the arts community.

“The support and services that I receive have allowed me to live a life that I thought wasn’t possible. This has led to an independent,
productive life in my community from my volunteering in elementary schools and my artwork. I have shown others that just because I am
different doesn’t mean I can’t do the same things. Through my eyes now,  the world is full of opportunities and receiving this award today proves  it.” Pullen said.

“I’m pleased to present this Excelsior Award to Dennis, who hasn’t let his disability stop him from reaching out to others through art. His
artistic talent is evident and I’m pleased to be able to present this award that honors and encourages his interests. On behalf of the State
Assembly, thank you, congratulations and good luck in all of your future endeavors,” said Barclay.