Ask And You Shall Receive II

To The Editor:
In the July Infrastructure committee meeting you will recall I asked for discussion about the county’s rental fee of county highway department equipment.

No surprise to many of you was the fact that of the legislators in attendance three of them that are in a contested re-election race didn’t say a word  in favor or against the rental fee.

Those three were Chairman Hayes, Legislator Wilbur (he excused himself just before the discussion started) and Legislator Kastler.

Also in attendance and failing to speak in favor or against was Vice Chairwoman Lockwood (She represents about 10% of the east side of Fulton).

Now all of these legislators may speak out at a later date if the item comes to the full legislative floor.

But only if it comes out after the elections in November.

The three Legislators that spoke out in favor of the rental fee and having it stay just as it is are up for re-election but are running uncontested.

What each one said and my response to two of them will have to wait until the next letter because the papers only allow me 500 words to get my point across. (Oswego County Today would allow the entire discourse).

So, until me meet again. Keep your wallets and pocketbooks in a safe secure place.

You never know when someone will come up with another fee or tax to take more of your hard earned money.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr.