Athletes, Inductees Honored at Mexico Block M Awards

MEXICO – The annual Block M Athletic Awards celebrated athletes and teams for hard work on and off the field this season.

The reception, held June 5 in Mexico High School’s gym, saw a trio of Mexico alumni inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame and several scholarships awarded.

Mexico MVPs: Senior Brionna Emery and junior William Ruby were named the Laurence “Sparky” Rector Athletes of the Year at the MACS Block M ceremony.

Senior Brionna Emery and junior William “Buddy” Ruby were honored as the Laurence “Sparky” Rector Athletes of the Year, the final award given out at the end of the night.

The three inductees into this year’s Athletic Hall of Fame class were Russell Daniels (’02),William Dumas (’56) and Blaine Wills (’90). Prior to the ceremony, plaques were unveiled in the hallway outside the gym and all three were recognized on stage at the reception.

After special awards and scholarships were given out, coaches took the stage to speak about their team’s triumphs this season and name a Most Valuable Player.

The three inductees into this year’s Mexico Athletic Hall of Fame class, from left are William Dumas (’56), Russell Daniels (’02) and Blaine Wills (’90).

Listed below are the winners of special awards and team MVPs for the 2018-19 school year.

Special Awards
Fan of the Year: Forrest Meeks.
Laurence ‘Sparky’ Rector Athlete of the Year: William Ruby and Brionna Emery.
Section III Cheerleading Scholarship: Sheila Wallis.
Linda Beyer-Shoults/Dollars for Scholars Memorial Award: Jolie Pelow.
Edward E. Albright Memorial Award: Dylan Long and Rachel Rose.
Brian Ariola Award: Rachel Rose.
Charles Giovo II Award: Destiny Teachout and Logan Craig.
Wally Sutliff Memorial Most Improved Award: Jolie Pelow and Jared Perkins.
Charles Giovo Sr. Sportsmanship Award: Aliza Deasy and Connor Spurling.

Team MVPs
Baseball: Thomas Gessner; Softball: Kendall Cuyler and Brianna Urquhart; Boys Basketball: Connor Spurling and Buddy Ruby; Girls’ Basketball: Brynn Wills; Boys’ Diving: Kian Long; Boys’ Swimming: Dylan Long; Girls’ Swimming: Alexa von Holtz; Fall Cheerleading: Sheila Wallis and Molly Blasier; Winter Cheerleading: Kierra Webster; Boys’ Cross Country: Evan Ladd; Girls’ Cross Country: Shannon Michaelis; Football: Marcus Turo and Isiah Turo; Girls’ Indoor Track: Anna Bigelow (track) and Reatha von Holtz (field); Boys Indoor Track: Daniel Gowans (track) and Morgan Derby (field); Girls’ Lacrosse: Brionna Emery; Girls’ Outdoor Track: Adria Ariola and Carolyn Zedack (track); Reatha von Holtz (field); Boys’ Outdoor Track: Daniel Gowans (track) and Morgan Derby (field); Boys Soccer: Connor Spurling; Girls’ Soccer: Brionna Emery; Boys Tennis: Joe Ocker and Neil Deloch; Girls’ Tennis: Kimberly Heagerty; Boys’ Golf: Connor Revette; Girls Volleyball: Aliza Deasy; Weight Training: Jonathan Rasbeck and Tim Dullen; Wrestling: Dean Shambo.; Hockey: Ryan Mosher.