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NYS Law Restricts Official Newspaper Designation in Fulton

Effective January 1, 2019, however, city officials were notified that the Valley News will be relocating it’s business office from Fulton to Oswego. City officials were subsequently faced with the decision to select a different official newspaper or to amend the city code to allow the city’s official newspaper to be able to operate its business outside the city of Fulton limits. […]

Ninth graders celebrate their first time walking into the high school as freshmen.
Fulton Daily News

FCSD Revs Up School Security with Armoured One Training

Fulton City School District is taking measures to ensure that student safety remains a top priority. Armoured One, a school security SWAT Team based company out of Syracuse presented a Level One training to every member of the Fulton City School District staff and faculty. The three-hour presentation is intended to empower school employees to respond to an active shooter or safety threat situation by following the “mindset of a survivor.” […]