Avery Kicks off Campaign For Fulton Council Seat

FULTON – Audrey Avery kicked off her campaign for Fulton’s Fifth Ward council seat with a meet and greet for ward families.

She raised funds and organized the event.

Children were treated to face painting, nine holes of miniature golf and a free backpack with supplies for the new school year.

The Oswego County Sheriff’s Department provided its free fingerprinting service for children at the event.

Everyone that attended was invited to have pizza and a beverage as Avery met with families to discuss concerns in the ward and her vision for change if she is elected in November.

Avery is grateful for the support of those community members who contributed to make the event successful.

She believes that bringing people together with a clear goal and strong communication are the keys to achieving dreams.


  1. Audrey Avery is a very caring and compassionate woman, she cares about her community and this City with a Future. Audrey is committed to resolving issues by working closely with city government to find solutions and she is committed to helping her fellow citizens and bring our great city together. I support her 100%. Please get out and vote and show her you stand with her to make the 5th ward and our great city a better place to live and raise your family..VOTE Tuesday Nov 5

  2. Fulton needs an entirely new, fresh perspective. Fulton needs to be rid of the current sitting government that is saturated with old school thinking and paralytic in decision making and enforcement. In order for Fulton to be become the “Utopia” that current leadership touts in their thinly veiled re-election bids, Fulton needs to be rebuilt from the ground up with a sustaining infrastructure, a tax base shared with current and future commercial and industrial efforts decreasing the burden on resident homeowners, the preservatioon of property values by ENFORCING legacy and new Property Conservation Laws and Codes. Enforcement is the key. Your current Government simply chooses to not do this. When resident owner taxpapyers don’t have to look at, reside next to or deal with filth and derelict properties or tenants who have no regard for their neighbors clinging for dear life onto their declining property values, then the ball starts rolling. Business and hiring incentives. Licensing of ALL contractors. Cleaning the Parks. Reinstating the Neighborhood Watches and making communication with Law Enforcement more transparent and responsive. A tenant database needs to exist side-by-side with the Taxpayer database. My information is available why aren’t their’s ? That lack of transparency creates accountability. What incentive do I have to bring my business to Fulton or create jobs? Code enforcement? Not to be condescending…but a joke. Not enough people? Train and empower City Council to be active in their wards and engage and enforce codes. Clean the streets. As the city has grown the streets have shrunk! Parking is becoming abysmal! If Landlords don’t have adequate parking as SPECIFIED in City Charter then SELL parking in City owned lots and create some revenue already. Enforce the rules and implement Fines. Theres some revenue and a cleaner city, higher property values. With proper enforcement the good eventually overcomes the bad and standards get set. Planned Urban Developments have done it successfully across the country for years. If you havent been lately or ever, take a ride up to Radisson and let me know what you think! As far as “Junk” landlords? Don’t renew their rental permits PERIOD. Force the properties back onto the market for a Landlord that will or convert them back to single family residences with pride. Research the statistics.

    Incumbents? Get out of the board rooms get out on the streets or get out of office. Efforts should be focused on the needs of the many not the few and in the interest of the betterment of the residents. Stand up for yourselves and get involved.

    Voters? Look around and vote. Not registered to Vote, get registered and vote. If you don’t care then don’t vote. But dont complain about your representation or lack of progress as a result. The Voter rolls and registrations and turnout are very telling.

    Candidates? Grass roots, courage and moxy will get it done. Attention to details and “yes” the little things matter. Remember, being the Captain of a ship is fantastic unless the ship is the Titanic.

    Personally, who am I ? Just a taxpayer and resident concerned about the City I chose to live in. Nothing more. But, I promise that without change, someone else will be footing my taxbill when I am forced to “fire sale” my home. I live here because I chose to not because I have to and my children go to school here and have for years.
    But, I pay attention and I care.

    Bottom line, in the 5th ward I support and stand behind Audrey and some new leadership. Anyone else at this point simply doesnt make sense.

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