Barclay: ‘Blueprint for Better Budget’ Provides Framework for Change

Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I?Pulaski) said today he is encouraged by the Empire State Center for New York State Policy’s ‘Blueprint for a Better Budget,’ saying this report provides a framework for budget reform and policy changes.

“The ‘Blueprint for a Better Budget’ provides a number of suggestions on how to change the way our state spends taxpayer dollars. Some of the suggestions cited in the report are ones I have advocated for in the past. For example, if our state invested in improving Medicaid fraud detection, we could save taxpayers billions of dollars. State agency consolidation is another one I support that the report cites. In some cases, state offices could be streamlined to better serve residents. For example, by combining the Office of Real Property Services with the Department of Tax and Finance, we could save more than $5 million,” said Barclay.

“The ‘Blueprint’ should also be a wakeup call to those who have consistently downplayed the warning signs of a financial crisis with budget gimmickry. The urgency of our state’s fiscal situation is spelled out clearly in this report. The report should also serve as a reminder that we can’t continue to place the state’s spending habits on the backs of Upstate New York property owners.”