Barclay Calls for Action on Rising Lake Levels

In a letter addressed to Governor Cuomo, Assemblyman Will Barclay is urging the governor to provide continued assistance to communities facing flooding as a result of rising lake levels in his district and other districts along the southern and eastern shores of Lake Ontario.

In the first 12 days of April, Lake Ontario rose 10 inches due to the recent rainfall and the snowmelt.

It is predicted that the lake will rise another 11 inches by May 14.

With the rapid rise in water levels, residents in this region are facing potential flooding and resulting property damage.

Many communities in western New York are already experiencing flooding and emergency conditions.

“Here we are only four months since the adoption of the International Joint Commission’s Plan 2014 and our lakefront communities are experiencing flooding or near-flood conditions. While some debate that this is not a result of the new management system, what is certain is that this plan permits the current lake levels and allows for the lake to increase by another 6 inches,” said Barclay. “What is more egregious is Plan 2014 fails to provide any financial remedy for property owners or municipalities that experience property damage or losses due to lake levels envisioned under the new policy.”

“In the coming weeks, more rain is predicted for the region which could lead to possible flooding, increased erosion and harm to shoreline communities. Governor Cuomo has been a leader on addressing the needs of localities experiencing extreme weather-related events and he recently provided assistance to western New York counties experiencing high water levels. I am calling on Governor Cuomo to join our efforts to halt Plan 2014 and to provide assistance to the communities facing losses as a result of rising water levels in Lake Ontario.”


  1. I don’t see how their “plan” can affect the rain and snow melt. Now they want to pay for their inability to control nature. If you have property on the Lake, protect it. The water level rises this time every year.

  2. Former Resident,

    You should research the facts before you comment! This is a big issue along the shorelines of Lake Ontario, has nothing to do with Mother nature. Read the Joint Commission’s plan of 2014, which many locals and officials opposed. Property owners are unable to protect their properties, because of present regulations!

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