Barclay: Discussions to Keep Fitz Operational Great News for Workers, Families and Entire Region

OSWEGO – Assemblyman Will Barclay made the following statement today (July 13) after Entergy announced ongoing discussions to keep FitzPatrick operational.

I am very pleased to learn that there are ongoing discussions between Exelon and Entergy for the sale of the FitzPatrick nuclear plant.

Since Entergy announced its planned closure of the FitzPatrick plant last fall, elected officials, the Upstate Energy Jobs Coalition and the Oswego County community as a whole have worked tirelessly to find solutions to keep the plant operational.

For the good of New York State, Oswego County, and most of all the FitzPatrick employees and their families, I hope a deal for the sale of the plant from Entergy to Exelon can be made and that the future operation of the Fitzpatrick plant can be secured.

I offer any assistance I can to ensure that this happens.

It is my understanding that a deal will not happen unless the proposed Clean Energy Standard currently being considered by the Public Service Commission is adopted.

Under the direction of Governor Cuomo, the Public Service Commission has put forth an innovative and forward thinking proposal that recognizes the value of nuclear power and will provide financial assistance to ensure the continued operation of these assets.

The Clean Energy Standard is good public policy for our State and I urge its adoption so this deal can come to fruition.

I commend Governor Cuomo for his leadership and his efforts to value nuclear and keep FitzPatrick operational.

The news that there are talks between Exelon and Entergy is indeed good news, and I thank both companies for entering discussions and urge them to keep working toward an agreement for the sale of the plant.