Bev Wilcox Remembered

To The Editor:

Bev Wilcox, a friend of ours and certainly a friend to many others, recently passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.

Bev worked as a greeter at the Granby Wal-Mart so it seems fitting that as people walked through the front door, they observed a small table upon which a vase with flowers and her name tag ~ BEV ~ was placed at the spot where she would have stood.

What a wonderful gesture on Wal-Mart’s part in showing respect for a former worker. We commend Wal-Mart for their recognition of a valued employee.

Bob & Sandy Weston
Fulton, NY

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  1. I knew Bev for a very short time, and it was through her being a greeter at Walmart that I discovered she was my cousin I never knew I had.
    One day walking into Walmart I was greeted by hi how are you today and I think I am related to you, what a surprise that was. Well we talked and found out that indeed I was a cousin, my Dad being her first cousin through his Mom’s side, her Dad’s side the Boyces.
    I so enjoyed our little ‘family reunions” each time I came to the store and was sad when I had heard of her cancer coming back and that I would no longer see her there.
    To all her family I give my condolences and hope that your sorrow and pain will be soon healed, so sorry for your loss.

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