BOCES LPN Students Gain Hands-On Experience At Morningstar Care Center

OSWEGO, NY — Learning did not stop at the classroom door for one group of nine students.

Morningstar Care Center granted them an opportunity to take their knowledge out of the classroom and relate it to real world scenarios.

Recently, these students were able to observe and learn from registered nurses at the care center.

“We are mentoring these students in an effort to foster their growth as nurses and broaden their variety of hands on experience by exposing them to a wide array of acute care experiences encompassed in short-term rehabilitation and long-term care patients,” said Kelly Totman, a Registered Nurse at Morningstar. “We as a healthcare facility believe these students are the future of nursing.”

The learning didn’t stop with the students.

“Students bring a lot of energy to the table and provide a great opportunity for our own staff to interact and teach others about their work. There is no better way to learn than to teach someone else what you know,” said owner, Joseph Murabito.

He believes he gets a lot out of personally interacting with the students.

The family-owned business offers an array of medical services including IV therapy, negative pressure wound treatment, and care for people with complicated conditions, providing a unique experience for the students.

Murabito and the staff are looking forward to another opportunity like this in the future.