Break-in Delays Chocolate Plant Selloff

Over the weekend, someone broke into the closed New York Chocolate and Confections plant in Fulton, stealing some items and damaging others, according to Fulton Deputy Police Chief Tom Abelgore.

He declined to be specific about what was stolen or damaged but said more information would be released shortly.

The break-in caused this morning’s scheduled opening of bids to sell all or parts of the plant to be delayed to this afternoon.

New York Chocolate’s Ivory Coast owners went into bankruptcy earlier this year, intending to close the plant and sell it, ending years of hope that the former Nestle plant could be revived.

Local economic development officials say there has been some interest in buying the entire plant for chocolate production, as well as interest from companies that buy and resell equipment.

UPDATE: The Fulton Police Department’s release on the break-in adds almost nothing new.  It’s below:

Fulton Police are investigating a break-in at the former New York Chocolate Plant on S. Fourth Street on the city’s east side.

Investigators believe that the plant was entered sometime between the evening of Monday June 28th and Tuesday morning on June 29th. Police report some minor property damage and missing property; however it is not clear exactly what was taken. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the burglary is urged to call the Fulton Police Department at (315) 598-4504 or the Fulton Police Department TIPS line at 593-TIPS or 593-8477.