Budgets Approved, BOE, Library Candidates Elected

OSWEGO, NY – On Tuesday (May 21), voters approved the Oswego City School District’s budget for 2019-20 school year by an unofficial vote of 957 yes to 454 no.

They also elected a newcomer, Heather DelConte and former board president, Lynda Sereno.

The top vote-getter, with an unofficial tally of 1,145, was DelConte.

Sereno earned the second open seat with an unofficial tally of 1,071.

“I am very excited to get back to work on the Oswego City BOE. I want to thank Aimee Callen and Jim Bell for their hard work, dedication, and leadership over the past three years,” DelConte told Oswego County Today. “This is important work and I feel blessed to have this opportunity again.”

Among her goals are creating long-range budgets (not the standard annual projections) that reflect a comprehensive understanding of our financial condition – past, present and future. Every dollar spent in the district must add value to the whole.

The 2019-20 budget was approved in all four voting districts.

The $86,034,274 budget is a 2% larger budget than the 2018-19 budget, which was 2% higher than the previous year’s budget.

A roughly 2 percent budget increase is “modest,” Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey said, at a time when health care costs “are escalating everywhere” and the district is back to using a “revenue-based” budget that doesn’t tap into reserve accounts or fund balance.

The 2 percent budget increase carries with it an approximate $14.37 increase in property taxes on a home assessed at $100,000.

The tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value will now stand at approximately $20.60, up from $20.46 this current school year.

District officials caution, however, that estimated tax impact numbers for individuals might vary slightly depending on assessments.

Voters also approved the purchase of buses.

And the public library vote to operate the library passed 1.000 yes to 405 no.

The two board candidates, Heather Wallace (1,092) and William Schickling (1,045), were elected to the two open seats.