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September 21, 2018

Burke’s Support Helps Build CMOO’s Town Square

OSWEGO – The Children’s Museum of Oswego is pleased to announce that it has received a major gift from Burke’s Do It Best Home Centers for the Build, Play, Grow Campaign.

CMOO Executive Director Jill Shaver is joined by Burke's sales associate Mike Taber, Burke's co-owner Tom Handley and CMOO board member Eric Van Buren.

CMOO Executive Director Jill Shaver is joined by Burke’s sales associate Mike Taber, Burke’s co-owner Tom Handley and CMOO board member Eric Van Buren.

The gift will be used to create a hardware store exhibit as part of the museum’s plans for a 1,500 square foot “town square” area.

The child-sized Burke’s hardware store will feature opportunities for children to utilize tools and various home building materials as well as learn about how plumbing and electrical systems work in our homes.

Jillian Shaver, executive director of CMOO explained, “these types of experiences within a children’s museum are designed to encourage a young child’s sense of independence, exploration, and creativity. Building
activities, such as those we are designing in the Burke’s hardware space, help children to learn mathematical concepts such as measurement, addition and subtraction as well as proper safety when engaging in construction.”

“The importance of giving our children the tools to be able to see how easy it is to use the products we have sold at Burke’s for the last 91 years made it an easy decision to help build the Town Square area of the Children’s Museum of Oswego,” said Burke’s co-owner Chuck Handley. “To be able to see the interaction of all the children as they learn to use a tape measure, screwdriver or hammer is what the entire Burkes team is all about.”

Burke’s Do It Best Home Centers is located at 38 E. Second St., Oswego, and Route 481 in Fulton and specializes in a wide assortment of hardware, lumber, tools and building supplies for home owners and professional contractors since 1926.

Handley shared why investing in the campaign was important to his business.

“We at Burke’s have always been a community minded company and when we saw the vision and layout of the Children’s Museum of Oswego we knew we had to be part of the Town Square area. Our hope is not only to teach the children of our community some Do it Yourself tips but also to show them that the opportunity in retail is still a vibrant industry. The Children’s Museum plans to highlight our local industries and retail outlets made it a natural fit for the Burke’s team to be involved,” he said.

“We are extremely delighted to have Burke’s support for our Build, Play, Grow Campaign. The Handleys are a true example of pride in their business and pride in our community. Having enjoyed visiting
children’s museums in other cities with his grandchildren, Chuck Handley saw the opportunity to be part of the effort to help our local children’s museum grow for the benefit of children and families in our community,” Shaver said.

CMOO is seeking additional sponsors for exhibit spaces within the museum.

If you or your business is interested in this opportunity, please contact the museum at 315-216-6387.

More information about the Build, Play, Grow campaign, including the full case statement, can be found on CMOO’s website at www.cmoo.org.

CMOO is currently open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 W. Bridge St.

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