Call Them Councilors: Fulton Lawmakers Change Their Title

Fulton has six Aldermen at the moment. Soon, it will have none.

Aldermen voted Tuesday to get rid of the title “Alderman” and replace it with “Councilor”.

“It makes it more gender-neutral,” said member Peter Franco. The City Charter will be rewritten to reflect the change.

Mayor Ron Woodward explained that the issue had come up several years before, when a female member of the Common Council advocated for the change.  The city of Oswego’s Common Council made the change at the time.

“We didn’t do it when it came up before because it was $12,000 to change the charter,” Woodward said of the cost of rewriting all of the city’s laws and ordinances to reflect the title change. “But now our charter is being recodified and if we do it now, it doesn’t cost anything. Makes sense to do it now.”

The vote was 5-0 in favor of the change. Absent from the meeting was Kim Roy, the only woman on the Common Council.


  1. They should just call them sheeple because the mayor is their shepard and they will follow him everywhere. The time for change is long overdue in this town our pocket books can’t take this much longer.

  2. Congratulations to Fulton for moving ahead with a new name for aldermen!!

    I’ll remember to address Peter and others as Councilors!!!

    Happy Summertime,
    Rosemary A. Occhino

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