Canale Insurance 2-Seat Supermodified Ready for Another Season

OSWEGO, NY – The Canale Insurance 2-seat Supermodified is ready to roll onto the Oswego Speedway for its fifth season.

Since its debut in 2010, more than 400 people have taken rides in what has been described as “the most realistic ride-along program there is.”

 The Canale Insurance 2-Seat Supermodified will again provide Oswego Speedway fans thrilling rides around the 'Steel Palace' in 2014. (Bill Taylor photo)
The Canale Insurance 2-Seat Supermodified will again provide Oswego Speedway fans thrilling rides around the ‘Steel Palace’ in 2014. (Bill Taylor photo)

Davey Hamilton, who built the car as part of his rehab program after a devastating crash in his IRL racer, said, “I’ve given rides in other types of race cars, but the ride in the 2-seat Super is the most realistic, the closest to feeling the excitement of what the driver experiences.”

Once again in 2014 there will be four types of rides offered.

There will be rides on selected Saturday mornings, Intermission rides between the heats and features every Saturday night, Start the Feature rides every race night the non-wing Supers are in competition, and Ride With the Legends Classic Weekend.

With the Saturday morning, intermission and Start the Feature rides, the rider will get a guided tour of the VIP Tower, will be able to watch a race from the Sky Deck, will receive a gift bag with merchandise from participating sponsors, a program for that night’s race, and a total of four general admission tickets for that night’s race.  The ride itself is a push off lap and five green flag laps.

The Start the Feature ride is unique, something offered by no other ride along program.

2-Seat Supermodified coordinator Roy Sova said, “With the Start the Feature ride you are on the track with the 24 race starters.  You aren’t pacing the field, you are in the field. The 2-sesat Super is brought out with all the other cars, is pushed off with all the other cars, runs hot laps with all the other cars. The field is slowed down, and the 2-seat Super lines up in the 25th starting position. You do the wave lap with the field, take the white flag with the field, then pull into the pits.”

“If you want to know what the drivers experience, this is the ultimate. A lot of programs offer you the opportunity to pace the field. Here you are in the field,” he added.

The Saturday morning rides will be offered at least four times during the 2014 season, including Opening Day for the ISMA Supers May 3, ISMA Super Series Round 2 June 7, Grand Prix Night July 5, and Mr. Supermodified August 2.

Ride With the Legends gives people the opportunity to take a ride in a Supermodified with some of the all-time greats who have raced at the Oswego Speedway.

Drivers have included Pat Abold, Eddie Bellinger, Joe Gosek, Davey Hamilton, Jamie Moore, Dave McKnight, Mike Ordway, Otto Sitterly and Bentley Warren.

“We will announce the Legends drivers at the July 5 Grand Prix Night race,” said Sova. “There will be at least one Legend behind the wheel of the 2-seat Super for the first time.”

Once again in 2014 Keith Gilliam will be behind the wheel of the 2-seat Supermodified for the Saturday morning rides, while Dave Trytek will do the driving for the intermission and Start the Feature rides.

The 2-seat Supermodified has been in the Strong Racing shops being readied for the 2014 season.

The car has been gone through from nose cone to the rear bumper.

Among other things a new front axle has been installed, a new shock package, some changes to the rear axle, the radiator setup has been changed, and the engine gone through.

Pat Strong said, “We’ve taken a very close look at everything on the car. We made some changes we thought were necessary, updated some stuff, checked everything.  Like the 99 we’ll be fielding for Joey Payne, The 2-seater will be all set to go come opening day.”

To schedule a ride in the 2-seat Supermodified call Sova at 315-297-2262.

If you want to Start the Feature, call soon because only a few of those rides remain available.

“The Start the Feature rides always sell out early, and 2014 is no exception,” Sova said. “I expect that before opening day they will be sold out.”

You can also contact Sova via email at [email protected]