Career And Technical Education Honor Roll Announced At CiTi

Students enrolled in career and technical education programs at the Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation who earned at least a 90 in their CTE class were named to the CiTi CTE honor roll by Principal Marla Berlin.

The following students, by district, earned the academic honor:

APW School District:
Kevin Cronk, Auto Technology II; Coty Doney, Computer Systems A+; Maryanne Farmer, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Connor V. Fisher, Heavy Equipment; Vince Hall, Construction Technology; Karley Hilton, Auto Body; Samantha Ingersoll, New Vision Allied Health; Mariah Johnson, Early Childhood Education; Shawn Layton, Computer Systems CISCO; William Look Jr., Construction Technology; John Loura, Welding Technology; Jacob McRaney, Public Safety & Justice; David-James Meyer, Computer Systems A+; Anthony Mirra, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Alexandra Mueller, Cosmetology AND New Vision Specialized Careers; Meagan Oakes, Public Safety & Justice; Lindsay Rollson, Cosmetology; Leah Ruggaber, New Vision Allied Health; and Emma Sheltra, Culinary Arts.

Central Square School District:

Michael Backman, Heavy Equipment; Gary Baumbach Jr., Heavy Equipment; Nicholas Betts, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Allen Boynton II, Auto Technology II; Samantha Caskinette, Early Childhood Education; Dominique Collins, Nursing Assistant, Certified; David Erler Jr., Auto Body; Nicholas Ferrante, Heavy Equipment; Daniel Foland, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Gabryel Fortino, Public Safety & Justice; Benjamin Frymoyer, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Joshua Fuller, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Jordan Gass, Public Safety & Justice; Katherine Hanson, Cosmetology; Cassidy Hoffman, Culinary Arts; Cody Holmquist, Construction Technology; Justin Kingsley, Auto Technology I; Angelica Laterra-Robinson, Cosmetology; Jason Leon, Public Safety & Justice; Elizabeth Lobdell, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Marissa Lopergola, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Kayleigh Mcelwain, Heavy Equipment; Kaleb McGill, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Desteny Moore, New Vision Law & Government; Erik Muench, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Giuseppe Nozzolillo, Auto Technology II; Alan Nystrom, Heavy Equipment; Brenna O’Neil, Public Safety & Justice; Johnathon Richards, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Kayla Richards, Early Childhood Education; Kayla Riquier, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Tyler Seoane, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Alissa Stopa, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Anthony Webb, Public Safety & Justice; Cheyanne Wilbur, Nursing Assistant, Certified; and Caleb Zehr, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology.

Fulton School District:

Aaron Bentley, Public Safety & Justice; Tyler Bliss, Public Safety & Justice; Mackenzie Bogart, Digital Media Technology; Destiny Boiko, Public Safety & Justice; Kara Bricker, New Vision Law & Government; KarliBricker, New Vision Allied Health; Kyle Buck, Public Safety & Justice; Joshua Buskey, Public Safety & Justice; Shelby Drake, New Vision Allied Health; Nathan Gilchrist, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Kristopher Grow, Public Safety & Justice; Haley Hunsinger, Early Childhood Education; Quinton Jackson, Public Safety & Justice; Jamie Johnson Jr., Public Safety & Justice; Lena Kimball, New Vision Allied Health; Jeremiah Kimbrell, Public Safety & Justice; Levi LaBeef, Auto Body; Jasmine Lastra, Public Safety & Justice; Cheyenne Laun, New Vision Law & Government; Susan McRae, New Vision Specialized Careers; Mary Medico, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Tracie Murphy, Public Safety & Justice; Nicklaus Ostrander, Culinary Arts; Dezzerae Parish, Cosmetology; Gage Parkhurst, Welding Technology; Alexander Poyneer, Public Safety & Justice; Garet Roik, Heavy Equipment; Brooke Ryan, Cosmetology; Alaina Schopp, New Vision Specialized Careers; Antonio Smith, Computer Systems A+; Hannah Stanski, New Vision Law & Government; Chase Strong, Culinary Arts; Jackson Truong, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Kendra Tryniski, New Vision Specialized Careers; and Jennifer Young, Digital Media Technology.

Hannibal School District:

Johnna Ball, New Vision Law & Government; Olivia Cacchione, New Vision Allied Health; Amber Cook, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Kristen D’Angelo, New Vision Allied Health; Tayler Dence, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Anthony Dimura, Construction Technology; Thomas Dunn, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Hailey Dunsmoor, Cosmetology; Tyler Emmons, Construction Technology; Ashley Hatten, Public Safety & Justice; Robert Hillman, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Spencer Kenney, New Vision Law & Government; Kayce Lackey, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Erin Mcfarland, Nursing Assistant, Certified; James Nash, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Katelyn Perez, Early Childhood Education; Brevin Piper, Computer Systems A+; Emily Prell, Cosmetology; Amanda Ryan, Cosmetology; Lindsey Wheeler, New Vision Law & Government; and Courtney Wise, Cosmetology.

Mexico School District:

Trevor Allard, New Vision Allied Health; David Allen, Computer Systems A+; Alexa Ariola, New Vision Specialized Careers; Khrysha Bednar, Welding Technology; Sara Birdsell, Public Safety & Justice; Kyle Bogart, Computer Systems CISCO; Shelby Buffham, Public Safety & Justice; Mary Buske, Early Childhood Education; Sarah Cherchio, New Vision Allied Health; Nicole Cummings, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Alyssa Facteau, New Vision Specialized Careers; Evan Fischer, Computer Systems A+; Hunter Gowans, New Vision Specialized Careers; Alicia Guzman, Public Safety & Justice; Joshua Hill, Computer Systems A+; Patrick Howell, Digital Media Technology; Ezra Hulbert, Computer Systems A+; Titania Ladd, Digital Media Technology; Kaitlyn Linerode, New Vision Allied Health; Sara McDonald, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Shamus McDowell, Public Safety & Justice; Keeleigh Mendez, New Vision Allied Health; Tyler Mitchell, Digital Media Technology; Trever Morrell, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Emily Mullen, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Cody Myers, Public Safety & Justice; Luke Olender, Digital Media Technology; Hunter Ouderkirk, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Travis Parkhurst, Public Safety & Justice; Thomas Paronett, New Vision Allied Health; Rusty Peters, Construction Technology; Richard Preeman, Heavy Equipment; Jordan Price, Welding Technology; Cheyenne Ransier, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Melinda Rookey, Public Safety & Justice; Kalyn Rupracht, Auto Body; Nathaniel Schroeder, Digital Media Technology; Miranda Shafer, Public Safety & Justice; Jordan Twiss, Construction Technology; Joshua VanPatten, Public Safety & Justice; and Symphony Wright, Nursing Assistant, Certified.

Oswego School District:

Alecia Ascenzi, New Vision Allied Health; Matthew Bornheimer, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Zachary Bush, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Makayla Carson, Cosmetology; Gabriela Castiglia, Cosmetology; Christopher Chalifoux, New Vision Law & Government; Meredith Chesare, New Vision Allied Health; Hollie Doyle, Cosmetology; Madolyn Engle, New Vision Allied Health; Stephen Geers, Construction Technology; Kellie Gorman, New Vision Allied Health; Carrie Kelly, New Vision Specialized Careers; Julie Keytack, Cosmetology; Katherine Knopp, New Vision Allied Health; Steven Larkin, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Jordan McCauley, New Vision Allied Health; Shanell Meyers, New Vision Allied Health; Adrianna Munyon, Auto Body; Jessie Murray, New Vision Allied Health; Erik Neacosia, Computer Systems CISCO; Kylie Pelkey, Cosmetology; Collin Pomerville-Miller, Public Safety & Justice; Willis Sheltray III, Public Safety & Justice; Zachary Shurtliff, Construction Technology; Allison Smith, New Vision Law & Government; Robert Swan, Advanced Metal Manufacturing; Rebecca Victory, New Vision Allied Health; Jonathan Wall, Construction Technology; Kenna Wallace, Public Safety & Justice; Timothy Woodard, Public Safety & Justice; Kerstie Woolson, Public Safety & Justice; and Bradley Wyman, Construction Technology.

Phoenix School District:

Stephanie Cogan, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Rachel Dean, Cosmetology; Dylan Dewitt, Public Safety & Justice; Timothy Gandino, Public Safety & Justice; Jacob Guernsey, Computer Systems CISCO; Matthew Harrison, Heavy Equipment; Jeffrey Lawson, Public Safety & Justice; Marc Maestri, Computer Systems CISCO; Alicia Midlar, Public Safety & Justice; Gianna Migliaccio, Cosmetology; Tobey Mills, Construction Technology; Brendan Nichols, Outdoor Power Equipment Technology; Andrew Oliver, Construction Technology; Jeremy Paine, Welding Technology; Billy Reeves, Public Safety & Justice; Zachary Scribner, Public Safety & Justice; Nathan Sims, Public Safety & Justice; Joshua Stopher, Public Safety & Justice; Chelsea Thorn, Nursing Assistant, Certified; and Tyler Waite, Computer Systems CISCO.

Pulaski School District:

Mackenzie Auclair-Judware, Cosmetology; Jacklyn Foster, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Hunter Hilton, Public Safety & Justice; Ty Kranz, Construction Technology; Aleah LaFlamme, Digital Media Technology; Max Lowery, Public Safety & Justice; Austin Monson, Computer Systems A+; Kaeleigh Paternoster, New Vision Allied Health; and Jordan Turner, Early Childhood Education.

Sandy Creek School District: Brody Cooley, Digital Media Technology; Jacob Cornell, Digital Media Technology; Austin Davis, Public Safety & Justice; Isaac Eisch, Public Safety & Justice; Talon Frazier, Public Safety & Justice; Kali McClemons, Auto Body; Jacob Mulpagano, Digital Media Technology; CodiAnne Salzman, Early Childhood Education; Kaitlyn Shaw, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Makayla Sherman, Public Safety & Justice; Skylar Stone, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Tyesha Webb, Nursing Assistant, Certified; Jessica Williams, Public Safety & Justice; and Ryan Yerdon, Public Safety & Justice.