Central Square Strengthens Collaboration Through Shared Services

In these tough financial times, it can be increasingly difficult to align a fiscally conservative school district budget with increasing overhead costs. In this time of a shrinking resources society, many districts have learned to work together to achieve these goals.

The Central Square School District strives to continue evolving with the changing world. Such successful evolutions can already be seen throughout Oswego County.

Last year, Central Square tested this concept when it collaborated with the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown School District to transition the Food Services Director into the first shared position within the district.

Given the continued success of this first shared service partnership, the district has been looking at other ways to share resources.

When Transportation Advisory Services recently completed a thorough Transportation Program Review/Study, the report endorsed the prospect for another shared service opportunity; TAS findings support that Central Square could benefit from a shared transportation director.

With the upcoming retirement of the current transportation supervisor at CSSD, it seemed like the perfect time to start looking at transitioning this into a shared position.

This collaboration would lead to an overall savings of about $50,000 for the Central Square School District, without affecting the level of service or the safety of students and staff.

While this might seem too good to be true for some, both the Central Square and the APW School District have already seen the win-win potential fist hand, given the proven success of sharing food services.

Nathan Metcalf has been appointed the shared transportation supervisor for CSSD and APW School District. With 15 years of experience in transportation within our local community and an impressive skill set, he currently holds the position of transportation supervisor at APW.

Both districts are confident that Metcalf will be a great leader for this transition into shared transportation services.

Central Square Superintendent, Thomas Colabufo, is very happy to be strengthening the collaboration with APW and wants to make sure the community can rest assured that “there will be no gap in services and staff will always be on hand, just as they have been. Student safety is, and will always be, our number one concern, and sharing these services will provide us with another great partnership, without affecting the safety of our students or the quality of our service.”