Changes Underway at GRB

In this edition of The Raider

Changes happen all the time in the real world and also right here at GRB!

Students and staff now have a grade check system. Each day, students are expected to check their grades in a particular class depending on what day of the week it is. The list below outlines the expectations.

Monday- Math (“Math Monday”)

Tuesday- Social Studies (“Times Tuesday”)

Wednesday- ELA (“Words Wednesday”)

Thursday- Science (“Theory Thursday”)

Friday- Electives (“Future Friday”)

Also this year, lunches have gone from twenty minutes to thirty minutes. Students and staff now have an extra ten minutes during their lunch time.

But why?

Physical Education teacher Mr. Halladay, who has been an extra assistant principal in recent weeks, said teachers needed more collaboration time, which is one of the reasons the time increased. Teachers collaborate with their teams during student lunch bells.

Students not only have longer lunches this year, but they are also able to go into the gym and play around for the last fifteen minutes of their lunch.

“Since lunches are thirty minutes, students can’t sit still for that long, so we open up the gyms whenever possible for activity time,” Mr. Halladay said.

Some staff and students like the extra ten minutes for lunch, but there are some who don’t agree with it and also some students who think lunches should be even longer.

One lunch monitor does not agree with the extra ten minutes during lunch time.

She said she thinks it is too much time for students to just be hanging out and feels as if students misbehave more because lunch is when students have the most freedom. “I don’t like it at all. Lunches should be twenty minutes and that’s it,” she said.

Sophomore Paris Kress, on the other hand, thinks thirty minutes isn’t enough.

“I don’t like having just thirty minutes for lunch at all. It seems like every year the only bell I have with my friends is lunch. I enjoy being around them so it’d be nice to have an extra ten minutes,” she said.

Students and staff always have different opinions on each and every change that happens here at GRB. Hopefully students and staff take to these new changes well!