Christina’s Credits: Jurassic World – Inevitable Box Office Smash and Overly Dramatic

You would never know something troubling is around the corner when the film opens with shots of eggs hatching to the tune of menacing music.

Great job, Jurassic World creators.

The director, Colin Trevorrow, also should know that the film was released far too early in the year to have Christmas music featured in the beginning. It’s too soon. I still vividly recall the blustery winds of winter.

Right away, the score gives the film a feeling of grandness.

And for a while you’re swept up in it.

The world is slightly futuristic and certainly has the wow factor that dinosaurs often bring.

But the pacing is horrible.

Before long, viewers are catapulted into a nauseating romantic plot along with the aftermath of the amusement park’s systemic failure, leaving a murderous dinosaur mutt gallivanting around Jurassic World.

As I saw many kids in the theater, I’ll add this disclaimer: if you haven’t explained death to your children, I would not recommend bringing them to see Jurassic World.

The film is littered with the deaths of park employees, park visitors and dinosaurs. They’re not graphic, but it’s something that is always present.

Unbelievability is also something that is unfortunately inevitable in Jurassic World. I mean, how can you expect me to believe a woman who works in a dinosaur amusement park could be even slightly afraid of a helicopter ride. Come on! Dinosaurs > helicopters.

I found it also hard to believe in a world where previously extinct dinosaurs roam that people are still driving around in golf carts and SUVs. Where’s the modern vehicular technology?

Anyway, the emotion in Jurassic World was wholly unbelievable. I’m all for times of sentimentality. But, many scenes were so corny that my eyes actually ached because of all of the times I rolled them. They really needed to cool it with the histrionics.

Another problem with the film was its star, Chris Pratt. This film is not Guardians of the Galaxy, but was marketed to seem similar to it.

And, there are comical moments, but they disrupt the ebb and flow of the film’s thematics.

Jurassic World is a pinball machine of emotion.

By the end, the film manages to make you feel something with a soaring score and unearned emotion.

Jurassic World is an inevitable blockbuster success with its action, suspense, and Chris Pratt. However, it has the emotional pacing of a person suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

See it because you have to. Enjoy it because the filmmakers behind it make you.

(Christina Scriber contributes entertainment/feature news to Oswego County Today. Please feel free to contact her through the Comments section.)