Christina’s Credits – Mad Max: Fury Road Lives Up To The Hype

George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, opens with a stunning first shot and haunting narrative – not to mention incredible action sequences – and the film’s momentum does not slow from there.

Before buying a ticket, I’d consult your doctor to see if Mad Max: Fury Road is right for you. The action is so oppressively consistent that you will leave the theater with your heart rate up and the desire to accomplish some extreme athletic feat.

There are scenes that push the threshold of what audiences can mentally take with over-stimulation.

If you own a motorcycle or a sports car, I’d give yours to a trusted family member or friend to keep both yourself and others safe from your inevitable adrenaline rush.

It’s worth it to see Mad Max: Fury Road simply to see the visuals.

The world is gruesome, violent, and very much like a heavy metal rock music video — only better, so much better.

From the flesh melting desert setting to the revolting list of characters, Mad Max: Fury Road, does not disappoint the senses.

As far as post-apocalyptic action films go, this one is tops.

If you’re worried about pesky scenes with dialogue interfering with your aggressive action sequences, don’t worry, dialogue is kept to a minimum in this film.

And, the few lines of dialogue the characters do speak, provide the film with incredible hyper-awareness of its own sensibilities and aim.

Though, had I been consulted, I would have recommended the placement of an intermission between the film’s two-hour duration.

Perhaps during this hypothetical intermission, theater attendants could have come in with rolling trays full of glasses of cool water and cucumbers for viewers’ eyes, all while relaxing ocean sounds played.

Mad Max: Fury Road has such a high level of intensity that I would not have minded a little break.

The film also suffered a severe lack of location change, mostly taking place on, yes you guessed it, a road.

Overall, Mad Max: Fury Road was a truly immersive experience that has set the bar for action movies at a seemingly unsurpassable height.

Run, don’t walk.

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