CiTi To Offer Neurofeedback Therapies To Exceptional Education Students

Embracing its innovative nature, the Stepping Stones Day Program at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation is adding cutting-edge neurological therapies to its services.

In partnership with Hillside Children’s Center, CiTi has purchased state-of-the-art software and equipment to begin offering neurofeedback therapy to students with conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The equipment includes a laptop, a monitor, an amplifier and an electroencephalogram cap that records brain function.

“Neurofeedback is essentially physical therapy for your brain,” said Pam Roux, the Hillside Children’s Center psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner who works with CiTi students. “There are a lot of cases where there is more that you can do to help, and neurofeedback is one option. It strengthens the connections in the brain, which is different than simply providing medication.”

While the new therapy is still in its infancy stages at CiTi, administrators and staff members are looking forward to seeing the results and helping children become more engaged in the educational process.

According to CiTi Exceptional Education supervisor Chuck Pehta, neurofeedback is another effort aimed at improving student outcomes and future success.

“We believe in fresh starts and second chances – and we know how much our students look forward to developing the ability to succeed in education, employment, family and community life,” he said.

The partnership between CiTi and Hillside Children’s Center was instrumental in bringing this innovative therapy to CiTi students enrolled in the Stepping Stones Day program.

“Together we can do great things, but individually we are limited,” Roux said. “I’m thankful CiTi was interested in the project. It’s really cutting-edge technology.”

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