City of Fulton Fall Softball League results for Wednesday, August 27

6:00 D Huhtamaki chased away Whoosah Lounge/Chasers, 19-0.  John Wallace crushed a two-run home run, slapped three singles and drove in another run for Huhtamaki, Shawn Best doubled in two runs, singled in a run, walked and scored three times as Dustin Cook blasted a three-run home run, a two-run home run, walked and scored a run.  Joe Burton, Adam Berry and Romeo Kee each singled for Whoosah Lounge/Chaser’s.

7:00 D Huhtamaki doubled up Whoosah Lounge/Chaser’s, 8-4.  Josh Giacolone and Dustin Cook each sliced three singles, scored a run and drove in a run for Huhtamaki as Henry Calabro doubled, singled, scored once and drove in a run.  Romeo Kee singled twice, scored a run and drove in two RBIs for Whoosah Lounge/Chaser’s, Adam Berry singled twice, scored a run and knocked in a RBI as Dustin Pulsifer reached base twice and scored a run.

8:00 D Save-A-Lot out scored Huhtamaki, 17-13.  BJ Bocyck doubled, singled twice, scored four runs and drove I an RBI for Save-A-Lot, Jim Ashby slapped two doubles, three singles, scored three runs and knocked in three RBIs as John Allen singled three times, sore three times, sacrificed in an RBI and added another RBI.  John Wallace singled four times, scored twice and knocked in three RBIs for Huhtamaki, Shawn Best reached base five times, scored twice and knocked in three RBIs as Josh Giacolone singled three times, scored three runs and drove in an RBI.

9:00 D Huhtmaki toppled Save-A-Lot, 23-16.  Shawn Best socked a homer, a double, four singles, scored four runs and delivered seven RBIs for Huhtamaki, John Wallace belted a home run, a double a single, scored three times and drove in six runs while Tighe Howell tripled, doubled twice, singled, scored three runs and knocked in a pair of RBIs.  BJ Bocyck smacked a home run, triple, double, single (hit for the cycle), scored four times and drove in five RBIs for Save-A-Lot, John Allen doubled twice, singled, scored twice and knocked in two runs as Marty Allen lined two doubles, two singles, scored once and delivered two RBIs.