CNY Spirits Premiers On Channel 6

OSWEGO, NY – At 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, CNY Spirits will come to life.

Staunch ghost hunters will still be up at that hour; others might just set their VCRs.

The Central New York Ghost Hunters will be producing a TV series about local ghost hunts in CNY.

“The show is called CNY Spirits and will air on (CW6) Time Warner channel 6, sister station to WSTM channel 3,” according to Michael Regan. “The series will last for 14 weeks.”

Regan is a technology specialist who works for the Office of Learning Service (E.O.P., C.S.T.E.P.) and McNair programs in Poucher Hall at SUNY Oswego.

His other vocation is Ghost Hunter, “or better known as a paranormal investigator,” he said.

“I also assist the CNY Ghost Hunters as a tech support, photographer and videographer,” he added. “It’s been almost two years and it’s been very interesting.”

CNY Ghost Hunters have been working for a couple of years to get this series off the ground, Regan said.

It offers a behind-the-scenes view of what transpires during some of the group’s investigation and how they attempt to prove or disprove whatever they find, he explained.

“The premier is a show on Fort Ontario, which will have video and sounds from a hunt. Plus, an event happens to me!” Regan said. “Trust me this is not staged or anything like that. Something interacts with me personally. There is a video event that will shock anyone.”

While taking part in an event at the fort earlier this spring, he was videotaping for the group. Other cameramen were shooting to get footage for the show.

“I got interacted with. When you watch the show, you’ll see that something happens to me,” Regan said. “This isn’t staged or anything like that. Two other cameras, besides mine, caught what happened.”

Future episodes will examine places all across Central New York.

“A lot of people have had true life experiences with the paranormal. And, many others know of someone who has had such an experience,” Regan said. “As humans, we want to know what is the next step, where do we go, what really happens after death. Are we starting to connect with the next step, the next phase of our evolution?”

“In one respect, it’s comforting,” he continued. “We don’t know for sure. Everyone hopes there is something else. This tends to indicate that there is a next level.”

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  1. What channel is that show on in Fulton NY. Thats where i live. I would like to see it but don’t see it on the listings.

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