Committee Paves Way For Oswego Road Work

OSWEGO – At its meeting Monday night, the Administrative Services Committee gave a favorable recommendation to the mayor’s $657,000 paving plan for the Port City this summer.
Since previous paving focused heavily on the west side, this year most of the work will be on the east side, Mayor Billy Barlow told the committee.
The mayor began working on the plan earlier this year, because he wanted to get an earlier start on paving.
He pointed out that in the newly passed state budget, “Our CHIPS funding is about $750,000. So this paving plan is about 100 grand under  our allocation.”
“Our plan is to just submit this, get the plan out and see how the bid comes back,” the mayor said. “If we still have some money to spend, we can do some sort of change order. We could add another street or streets.”
Earlier this year, councilors told the mayor which streets they’d like to be worked on. He prioritized the list.
Some streets are currently targeted for sewer work. So, it wouldn’t make sense to pave them now only to have them dug up again in a few months, he pointed out.
Some of the streets set to be paved this year are connected.
That will save the city money because the contractor won’t have to pick up his equipment and move it as often, the mayor said.
The mayor’s 2019 paving plan includes:
• Mitchell Street (St. Paul Street to East Ninth Street)
• Church Street (Cherry Street to East Seventh Street)
• Hamilton Street (East Seventh Street to East Eighth Street)
• Burkle Street (Syracuse Avenue to East Eighth Street)
• Bunner Street (Syracuse Avenue to East Eighth Street)
• East Eighth Street (Hamilton Street to Burkle Street)
• East Eighth Street (Bridge Street to Utica Street)
• East Ninth Street (Bridge Street to Utica Street)
• East Third Street (East Oneida Street to East Utica Street)
• Gregory Street (Washington Boulevard to Route 104)
• West Albany Street (West Fourth Street to Dead End)
• West Fourth Street (Niagara Street to Albany Street)
• West 10th Street (Albany Street to Erie Street)
• Northwest Ninth Street “the lane” (SR 104 to West Seneca Street)
The council could accept the list as is or it could be amended, the mayor said.
Council President Rob Corradino added that residents shouldn’t be concerned if their street isn’t on the list. The city is making an effort to get to all streets in need of repair, he said.
The full council will consider the mayor’s request at its meeting next week.


  1. better check out east 6th between bridge and cayuga– it will take tires off your truck :0) Worth a drive by to see

  2. One addition: don’t stop East 9th at Utica … Include the portion going to E Albany (the road on E 9th between Utica and Albany is horrific).

  3. east albany street by the race track sink hole forming at the end of the track where they use to drive up back then at the bottom of the hill where they dug out in the road and now its sinking down

  4. The section between ruby tuesdays and dunkin is really rough. The dpw has filled most of the holes,but still oneida st behind the hotel and 104 are freshly paved but they’re missed here

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