Committees OK Request For Ambulance, Overtime Transfers

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Physical Services Committee gave a favorable recommendation to a request from the school district.

According to Jeff McCrobie, fire chief, the Oswego City School District’s athletic director Scott Sugar requested use of an ambulance to cover five varsity football games.

“The district will pay the overtime for the two guys to be down there (for home games). The dates are Sept. 10 and 17, Oct. 8 and 15,” the chief said. “There are one or two more that will be determined later.”

The committee sent the request to the full council for consideration.

The committee also approved various requests for use of public space and city property including:

Thomas Copeland, the owner and occupant of a single-family dwelling at 204 W. Sixth St. wants to install 17 feet of four-foot high chain link fence, fronting on West Albany Street.

Mark Wahl, president of the board of directors of the Oswego Music Hall – Ontario Center for the Performing Arts, requested use of the McCrobie Civic Center for their 2011 concert dates.

Concerts are planned for Saturday nights starting Jan. 7 and running through Dec. 3 of next year. Included in the request were six additional Friday night dates – Jan. 7, Feb. 4, March 4, April 1, May 6, Oct. 7 Nov. 4 and Dec. 2.

Officials from the Sunrise Residential Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center would like to use the grassy area east of the Breitbeck Bell Tower on Aug. 29 from 4 to 7 p.m. for an end of the summer party.

They would like to have two entertainers perform, for 90 minutes each and are requesting permission n to erect a tent to hold approximately 100 people. There will be no alcohol.

Meanwhile, the Administrative Services Committee approved transfers of funds in the DPW and fire departments.

The fire chief, requested authorization to transfer funds from the following accounts (all into A3410.0102 personal services):

$5,000 from A3410.0450 (physicals)
$15,000 from A3410.0460 (training)
$5,000 from A3410.0200 (new equipment)
$5,000 from A3410.0211 (ambulance equipment)
$20,000 from A3410.0470 (equipment)
$15,000 from A3410.0440 (contracted services)

The funds are needed to cover short shift overtime for the department due to various injuries, illnesses and three vacant positions, he explained.

McCrobie also requested permission to send Lt. Dave Engle to training at the NYS Fire Academy for Fire Officer 1, which will be held Aug. 27 – 29.

Councilor Bill Sharkey asked whether the training was mandated.

If a firefighter wants to be promoted, he needs to complete the course, as well as Fire Officer II, the chief explained, adding the training is even required of him and the newly promoted deputy chief.

Mike Smith, DPW commissioner, requested authorization to transfer $28,000 of the Harborfest Overtime from Account A7110-0102 and distribute it into the following accounts:

$10,000 into A1620-01102 (Municipal Buildings Personal Services Overtime)
$2,000 into A1490-0102 (Administration Personal Services Overtime)
$3,000 into A5110-0102 (Street Maintenance Personal Services Overtime)
$3,000 into A5132- 0102 (Central Garage Personal Services Overtime)
$4,000 into A8120-0102 (Sanitary Sewers Personal Services Overtime)
$5,000 into A8560-0102 (Shad Trees and Parks Personal Services)
$1,000 into A7230-0102 (Marinas and Docks Personal Services Overtime).

Gay Williams, city attorney, has received a deed from the county for a new city street which is intended to be an additional entrance and exit from Wal-Mart and Staples on Route 104 East.

The committee recommended granting Williams approval to accept the deed and to name the street “Eugene Saloga Drive” in honor of the city’s (retired) long-time community development director.