OCO Brings Rapid Hep-C Testing to Oswego County

FULTON – With cases of Hepatitis C on the rise, both locally and nationally, Oswego County Opportunities (OCO) Centers for Reproductive Health are making it easier for individuals to receive testing for Hepatitis C.

Beginning in May, New York State will require all persons 18 years of age and older to be offered a Hepatitis C test. Those under 18 years of age, but with a risk, will also be offered the opportunity to receive Hepatitis C testing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that anyone over the age of 18 gets tested for Hepatitis C at least once in their lifetime. Treatment can suppress the virus and can prevent cirrhosis and liver failure.

“I’m happy to announce that OCO Reproductive Health is the first to offer rapid Hepatitis C testing in Oswego County,” said Practice Manager Mary Hitchcock RN. “It’s possible for someone to have Hepatitis C and experience no symptoms. Hepatitis C testing can help protect family and friends. We have been offering Hepatitis C testing through a lab order. This required patients to have the ability to utilize a local laboratory. Now with rapid Hepatitis C testing available in-house it’s possible to get results in a matter of minutes, and if necessary, refer for treatment promptly.”

OCO’s Reproductive Health providers and staff are experienced in administering rapid STI tests. Currently offering HIV and syphilis rapid testing at all of four of its Centers for Reproductive Health and within its mobile testing van, the addition of rapid Hepatitis C testing completes the range of STI screenings.

“Everyone should consider STI screening as part of their routine health care,” added Hitchcock. And where better to have it done than at one of OCO’s Centers for Reproductive Health where our staff treats all our patients with compassion and confidentiality.”

OCO’s Centers for Reproductive Health are located at 522 S. 4th Street, Suite 500 in Fulton; 10 George Street, Suite 100 in Oswego; The Mary Walker  Center, 1 Rudolf Road on the SUNY Oswego campus; and 5856 Scenic Avenue in Mexico. Additionally, the mobile testing van can be found at various locations across Oswego County. Community members may call and schedule an appointment or can walk into any of our centers for the Hep-C testing.

For information on rapid Hepatitis C testing and OCO’s Centers for Reproductive Health call the Oswego Office (315) 342-0888, Fulton Office (315) 598-4740 or visit oco.org.


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