Council OKs Purchase of Milling Machine

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Common Council voted 4-0-3 Tuesday night to approve the purchace  of a portable milling machine for the Department of Public Works, as well as the reimbursement of the purchase through CHIPS funding from the state.

The Asphalt Zipper 500B is a loader mounted milling machine with the 203HP bundle from Asphalt Zipper Inc. of American Forks, Utah.

The cost is $132,990, according to DPW Commissioner Mike Smith.

Costs include training of personnel of the proper maintenance and safe operation of the equipment.

The purchase is 100 percent reimbursable from the New York State Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS).

It’s guarenteed for a minimum of at least 10 years, the commissioner said.

“I expect it to be a 15 to 20 year machine for us,”  he added.

“I’d like to know which ward it’s going into first. Hopefully it’s the fourth,” Fourth Ward Councilro Shawn Walker said.

Smith said he did a test run with the equipment on Mitchell Street, “and was completely impressed with it. I think this is going to be a really good deal for the city.”

Councilors Fran Enwright, Mike Myers and Mike Todd were excused.