County Republicans Embrace Paladino

Carl Paladino staged a historic upset of party favorite Rick Lazio Tuesday night in the race for the Republican nomination for Governor.

Oswego County voters liked him even more than the rest of the state did.

Paladino pulled 62% of the statewide vote in crushing Lazio.  But Oswego County Republicans gave Paladino almost 68% of their votes.

“I’m mad as hell,” Paladino told supporters in victory Tuesday night in Buffalo, sounding the populist theme of taking back the government that won him Tea Party backing and the support of Republican voters.

He promised to lower taxes if elected.

Paladino now goes up against Democrat Andrew Cuomo.  Polls show Cuomo with a huge lead, but polls several months ago showed Lazio with a lead over Paladino, too.

In county races, Donald Todd of the District Attorney’s office won the Independence Party’s primary for C