Darrel Aubertine, Lieutenant Governor?

State Senator Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)
State Senator Darrel Aubertine (D-Cape Vincent)

A downstate political blog and a blog run by a North Country politician say the same thing: State Senator Darrel Aubertine of Cape Vincent would make a good Lieutenant Governor candidate for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the party’s all-but-certain candidate.

The discussion began early Monday on the downstate political blog Room 8:

Darrel Aubertine is as honest and hardworking as the day is long. Unlike [downstate politicians] Carrion, Paterson, Spitzer, Paladino, Parker, Hevesi, Smith, Espada, Monserrate, et. al. there’s no suicide bomber in Aubertine’s closet. This doesn’t sound like much. But given the state’s recent cavalcade of psychotics, kleptomaniacs and felons, it’s a very big thing.

In other words, Darrel Aubertine would not further embarrass the state or the governor–or traumatize his family by dint of former or ongoing foul behavior/pathology.

And insofar as Upstate itself is concerned, Aubertine is blessed by having nothing to do with the WNY loser brigade which thinks Upstate’s owed somebody on the state ticket and that somebody has to come from Buffalo.

Not long after, Watertown Mayor and radio talk show host Jeff Graham added his endorsement on his blog.

Graham, who is a political independent, said:

The only problem with Aubertine is he is against abortion….a third-rail issue in that party…Nonetheless this piece raises an interesting argument for Aubertine…and if nothing else, it enhances the Senator’s reelection prospects just to be considered.

Graham called Aubertine “an honest guy without personal foibles”.

So far, there is no indication that this is any more than idle speculation, though the date for the Democratic party’s eventual candidate to pick his running mate is drawing near.

We’ve heard from Aubertine’s spokesman, Drew Mangione:

“Sen. Aubertine is a committed public servant and with his strong record of standing up for Upstate New York and his constituents, it makes sense that his name would come up.

“As when he ran for Senate and when he was considered to run for Congress, the Senator takes any opportunity to better serve his constituents very seriously. He will weigh any opportunity and determine which role best enables him to serve the people of Central and Northern New York, and the entire state.

“Right now, as the elected representative of Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties, the Senator is focused on passing a new Power for Jobs bill before the May 15 deadline and a responsible state budget that focuses on protecting jobs and fostering new job growth.”