Democrat Legislator Urges Public To Question GOP

Letter to the Editor from Legislator Doug Malone

It’s time for candidates to start circulating the nominating petitions for the upcoming election.

This is a good time for the public to ask the question that we in the legislature can get no answer to.

Many of you registered Republicans are going to be asked to sign a petition to put Fred Beardsley on the ballot for county treasurer.  Mr. Beardsley was a legislator, wannabe county clerk and is now the appointed treasurer. How’s that for political patronage?

The “in crowd” of the Republican legislators, led by the know-it-all and know-everybody-except-the-Queen of England, County Republican Chairman Mike Backus, includes legislators Jim Oldenburg, Dan Chalifoux, Kevin Gardner, Louella Leclair, Dan Leclair, Milferd Potter, Shane Broadwell, Jay Martino, Jim Weatherup, Bob Hayes, Morris Sorbello, Jack Proud, Dave Holst, Ron Sakonyi, Linda Lockwood and Terry Wilbur, all who vote as they’re told.  They put Mr. Beardsley in as the treasurer, not knowing his qualifications, with the exception of Mr.Weatherup, who was appointed to take Mr. Beardsley’s place.

When it came time to vote for Mr. Beardsley, the question was asked over and over if he had finished high school.

None of the Republicans named above would answer the question.

So, maybe it’s a question that you, the public, should ask when you’re asked by one of these clowns to sign a petition to put Mr. Beardsley on the ballot.

Ask the question.

You have the right to know if the hand-picked choice of the above-named Republicans has a clue as to Mr. Beardsley’s qualifications.

You have the right to know if the man in charge of an almost $200 million budget knows how to add two plus two.

You have the right to know if the man overseeing your tax dollars has a high school education.

You have a right to question why these legislators voted to put Mr. Beardsley in as the treasurer, not knowing if he’s qualified to do the job.

I think the answer you’ll get from Mrs. Lockwood is that she voted for Mr. Beardsley to get him out of the legislature.

That’s really representing the people of Volney, isn’t it?

Of course, Mr. Wilbur’s membership with the “in crowd” moved him right up the food chain.

Now he’s the vice chairman of the legislature. His yes vote gave him a nice promotion.

Maybe if the public demanded answers, maybe if the public refused to sign the petition for Mr. Beardsley without an answer, then maybe county government could be returned to the people where it belongs, instead of in the control of the “in crowd.”

So when one of the “in crowd” comes knocking, ask the question. What makes Mr. Beardsley qualified to be the county treasurer, other than being a Republican good ole boy. Maybe you’ll have a better shot at getting an answer.