Don’t Let Street Work Get In The Way of Harborfest Fun

no parking

OSWEGO – Mayor Billy Barlow said he hopes everyone has a happy and safe Harborfest weekend in the Port City and doesn’t mind the condition of some city streets.

The only street closure for Harborfest is West Schuyler Street between First and Second streets for the Midway, he said.

“We will have one lane closure, northbound on West First at Bridge Saturday evening / night only to assist with pedestrian traffic at that intersection the night of the fireworks,” he explained. “Other than that there will be temporary No Parking signs up in areas in the northwest quadrant of the city that sees the most parking congestion and that is done to help keep travel lanes clear for emergency vehicles and the safety of all.”

That’s really it for Harborfest related traffic concerns. Most of this is routine year after year so people generally know what to expect, he added.

As for the extra delays due to paving, “I personally don’t think many Oswego residents will mind dealing with a bit of delay and congestion knowing how deteriorated our roads are. I think the sight of roads being paved is a welcome and happy sight to most,” the mayor said.

The city did tidy up some paving jobs Thursday and will generally Be out of the way for the weekend, he said.

“I just ask people to please be understanding of the situation as we work to pave a lot of roadway at once,” Barlow said. “The jobs are short jobs and our crews will be in an out quickly.”


  1. Maybe now Barlow can take the time to remind the (driver) in the blue city f250 that the law about a pedestrian in the cross walk and white crossing signal having the right of way applies to them as well! I had to push my son behind me to stay safe as the (driver) Saturday morning around 10:30 turned left onto Bridge from East 4th.

  2. Gee….I guess our Mayor hasn’t noticed the dwindling crowds and pitiful revenue from the past several ‘Hardly’ Fests….I’m thinking he could have (and should have) fixed all infrastructure problems in Oz this past week without disrupting any traffic at all…Mayor, can’t you hear ‘taps’ being blown ?…It’s for harbor fest…now let’s give it a proper burial and remember how great it used to be….

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