Doyle Supports Backus for County Clerk

I truly look forward to seeing a change in the County Clerks office after a downward spiral in recent years that has seen records and work farmed out to a questionable (and expensive) vendor (IQS) in another County, as well as the remaining unionized workers suffering daily abuse.

As an elected official of Oswego County I have been harassed, maligned and incurred legal expenses to defend myself from attacks by the late Clerk, the Deputy and the next deputy. This all stemmed from my opposition to the IQS contract and my alleged participation in investigations into the office and its management. Recently, workers have been ordered to not talk to County Legislators such as myself. Other County officials have either refused to intervene or worse, become part of the problem by papering it over.

In this special election there are two good individuals running for County Clerk. I have known Phil Vasho for several years and have the greatest respect for him. The problems in this office however are not only going to take institutional knowledge to resolve, but political support from the majority party.

I am supporting Mike Backus, and take him at his word that he will restore credibility, openness and moral to this important office.

Mike comes from a good family with a solid reputation in our region. While relatively young, Mike is very experienced in politics and government. He is also importantly well educated, and morally grounded. I am trusting that Mike will clean up the office and work hard to restore trust with the employees. In my job as a County Legislator as well as a self-appointed advocate for the persecuted employees within this office I will watch this closely.

These changes cannot come soon enough to a county department and office in sore need of leadership. Mike is in my opinion the best candidate for this important job. Please join me in supporting Mike on Tuesday at the polls.

Shawn Doyle
Oswego County Legislator, Pulaski