Drivers Should be Considerate During Broadway Bridge Work

This past Tuesday the reconstruction of the Broadway Bridge in Fulton began.

Frequent users will soon adjust to the changes from four lanes to two, no left turn on West First Street off the bridge, and a new set of lights on West Second Street.

With any change adjustments will have to be made, which means a greater need to be patient, considerate, and courteous and an understanding that everyone is trying to get somewhere and yours is not the only vehicle going across the bridge.

In using the two lanes on the north side of the bridge drivers need to use caution and slow down as they go over the expansion joints.

If possible, consider an alternate route.

Obviously, the Oneida Street Bridge will bear greater traffic. As traffic slows down through the NYS Route 481and the Broadway intersection, drivers should look ahead as blocking the intersection is a Department of Transportation is an infraction, which the Fulton Police Department will be enforcing.

Being considerate drivers for the next two years will make the bridge repair less frustrating.

Bob and Sandy Weston
Fulton, NY 13069