Employees Show Support for Phil Vasho

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Phil Vasho for taking the time to reach out to several long term employees of the Oswego County Clerk’s Office.

For the last several years, the clerk’s office has been under scrutiny and shrouded in much controversy due to the continual turmoil as a result of gross mismanagement.

The employees and the taxpayers deserve better.

Our hard-earned dollars need not be spent on frivolities that appease political cronyism, but rather be closely guarded in this enormously tough economy.

Mr. Vasho recognizes that tapping employees years of experience and knowledge is key to running any office at its maximum potential.

Phil’s down to earth approach is a breath of fresh air from the political stench that has become our common work environment.

We feel that a blue collar worker with an extensive background in labor relations finally offers us a candidate for the people.

As legislator, Phil worked both sides of the aisle, without prejudice, to achieve common goals.

While sitting on the committee that oversees the Office of the County Clerk, he always found time to listen to employee concerns, offering possible solutions through his ability to negotiate fairly.

At the same time, he always reminded the committee and management of their fiscal responsibilities to the taxpayers.

In our opinion, Phil Vasho’s wisdom, knowledge and years of experience far exceed his opponent’s lack of qualifications for the seat of County Clerk.

After meeting with Mr. Vasho it is clear his personal and public mantra is – WE>me (we is greater than me!).

Please cast your vote for Phil Vasho on Nov. 6 and help us create a peaceful and productive work environment.

Together we will bring integrity back to public service because “WE are working for YOU”!

Susan Sweet, Kim Castaldo and Karen Doten